Landscaper Lightly crumbed vegetable patty,USA Jack cheese,Cos  Lettuce,Tomato,Red Onions,Texas Chipotle & Cheese Sauce
The Apprentice Cheese stuffed crumbed mushroom,Haloumi cheese,Cos  Lettuce,Tomato & Aioli
The Chippie Marinated Angus Patty, 2 USA Jack Cheese,Cos Lettuce, Onion, Ketchup & Aioli
The Excavator Marinated Angus Patty, USA Jack Cheese, Cos Lettuce, HP Sauce & Cheese Sauce
The Foreman Double Stacked Marinated Beef patty,USA Jack cheese,Bacon, Fried egg, Tomato ,Pickles,Onions,Mustard & BBQ Sauce
The Painter Pulled Pork,Grilled Chicken,Wagyu Beef Patty,3 USA Jack Cheese & gravy
The Plasterer Crumbed premium chicken,Avocado, USA Jack cheese,Pickles, Grilled Onions,Cos  Lettuce,Ketchup & Aioli
The Plumber Marinated Angus Patty,USA Jack cheese,Tomato, Pickles,Mustard, Jalapenos & Workshop Sauce
The Sparky Grilled Chicken,USA Jack Cheese,Fried Onions,Jalapenos, Workshop Sauce,Tomato & Cheese Sauce
The Vegan Apprentice Vegan Patty (Chicken/Beef),Vegan Bun,Vegan Cheese,Vegan Aioli & Selection of Four salads